Little Things


A heavy cloud blanketed the Institute grounds this morning. Gnats! Enough to make the air visibly hazy, covering the whole campus. I'm still brushing the darn things out of my hair.

So, it was off to the market and away from the (worst of) the little buggers. Strawberries are in season, brought down from the Gallilee, which pleases me greatly. Artichokes were also on sale, so I picked up a few for the equivalent of about a quarter a piece. I'll do something or other with 'em. Suggestions?

The newest flavor at my preferred ice cream shop is rose. Yes, rose. Looks like bubblegum, tastes pretty much like rose hips smell, which actually is pretty nice.

Lest anyone think I've been slacking off over here by staying past the end of the semester, I'll have you know that I gave the astrophysics journal club talk last week. As my officemate and I are the only observers in the bunch by any stretch, I decided a change of pace was in order. The last several talks got seriously bogged down when the various theorists saw a chance to pounce on something touching their pet topic -- magnetic fields, plasma turbulence, structure formation, whatever. So I talked about the 2002 occultation of Pluto. Low on theory, and kind of a neat observation.

Unlike any journal club meeting I can remember, I got complements afterwards. It would seem that watching one professor berate the victim of the week for not understanding some fine point about magnetic reconnection is not the preferred format. I wonder if anyone will decide to emulate my strategy.

This, naturally, wouldn't have worked back in Minnesota. Ed would have made trouble.


Boil the artichokes until soft (but not too soft) and then eat the meaty part with butter and garlic. Can't go wrong.

And seriously, I'm sure clouds of gnats are apocolyptic signs as well. It's time for you to come home :-)

I steamed the artichokes and then baked them into a pizza. Very tasty.

There's apparently a traditional Jewish recipe for fried artichoke that sounds suspiciously like those blooming onions you get at carnivals. I might give it a try.

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