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I am informed that yesterday was the first anniversary of the UThink blogging site at this here university. Shane, who appears to run the place, celebrates by geeking out on the relevant statistics.

Despite my subatomic status in the larger blogoverse, I'll have you know that I appear to be the 41st most prolific poster on UThink. Then again, EGAD ranks 26th by number of comments, which proves once again that you all are far cooler than me.

Found while clicking around to get those numbers: try this experiment sometime.

1 Comment

"Geeking out" ... that is hilarious. Yes, I suppose I went a little nuts. Hopefully people will find it interesting.

By the way, keep up the good work Milligan. I give a lot of presentations on UThink and I use your blog as an example of the kind of stuff that gets written on the system. People are always very interested in your site.

I hope you find your efforts worthwhile. I am very appreciative of all the work you put into EGAD.

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