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A little while back, my former officemate Paul shot around an email pumping RadioK's pledge drive. I've always liked unusual and local music, and this station is particularly enjoyable, so I was happy to chip in. But I would observe that I wouldn't have any opinion on RadioK at all if not for the fact that they stream their broadcasts over the internet. And now, thanks to the magic of the net, I'm listening to my college station in Israel.

The "Power Surge" DJs sound drunk. But I think that's how they're supposed to sound.

I recently read Lawrence Lessig's new(-ish) book, Free Culture. Or more, had it read to me. Since the book was released under a Creative Commons license, it can be freely copied, performed, etc. So some of Lessig's fans made an audiobook of it, and posted the MP3s. Very handy; I managed to absorb a book while sweeping.

Been watching the new Doctor Who. One guess how I got my hands on that. Anyhow, so far I'm pleased; very nice to see it back after what, 16 years? The action moves a great deal faster than in the previous series, which after all were paced like a 60s BBC sci-fi thriller. No sock-puppet alien monsters in this one, either. However, it's quite faithful to the flavor of the original on the whole -- the first villains were living-plastic mannequins set on exterminating humanity, clearly done with people in plasticine masks. Classic. Hope it catches on.

New DJs now. One sounds stoned, and I think the other may be wearing a pocket protector. Studio microphones make people sound funny.

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Yup, we're all drunk on the air...and stoned...the only way to DJ.

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