Weekend in Minneapolis

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It's been enjoyable to spend a few days in Minneapolis, even if the weather seems to be going out of its way to be unusually lousy. It hasn't broken 50°C since I've been here. It's been variously rainy and drizzly and cold. Today, the first of May, I glanced out my window to see a sleet-storm in progress!

Let you doubt me, the aftermath of the sleet storm. I had to be fast, since it is May, after all, and sleet doesn't fall for long nor does it stick. But the white stuff on my tree is, in fact, the white stuff. 2005:05:01 11:33:39

Otherwise it's been a couple of days of hanging out with my peeps in the astro department, hitting local restaurants I've missed (especially Chinese; they don't do Chinese in Israel, as I've observed before), and working on code for the ScavHunt. And poking idly at the numerous computers the folks in the lab here seem to have managed to break in my absense. I may need to keep a closer eye on them in the future. Although a hoped-for Sunday brunch get together failed to materialize, I'm declaring this phase of my trip a success overall.

It's about over, too. I've got a ticket for the 10 PM bus outta here tomorrow, which gets me to Chicago around 7 AM Tuesday. Some Hunt stuff might transpire then, but I mostly anticipate one of those days of tromping around the city randomly pouncing on people I haven't seen in too long. This is complicated by the fact that many of them now have day jobs, and I still don't use cell phones.

I'll announce where I'm crashing when I get an email confirming that I can crash there.

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Hey dude,
Did you want to get a bunch of folks together for sushi between Tuesday and Friday evenings? I can come down to Hyde Park for Kikuya. Let me know.

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