Day 2, Summary


In the past 48 hours:

The list has been released. It's a good one.

I have slept about 6 hours. This is unusually good, for me.

I have been accepted to the Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists™. "Highlighting the Heads of Science"

I've been nominated as a ScavHunt All-Star. The All-Star games were fun, a kind of mini-Hunt within the Hunt during which we played for other teams in mini-teams composed of All-Stars from other teams.

And to continue the tongue-twisteriness, I am now headed off to Item 181:

It's a party of a party inside a party. Inside a party? How many parties in the party? Partly me and partly you. Party free of party rules. One says "par-tay" as the parlay. Party heartily hardly a party without the party within a party of a party partly party, partly par-tay.


Aw, congratulations on finally being recognized as a scientist with flowing hair! Ma will be so proud.

Oh my...that list is hilarious.

I dropped by the F.I.S.T. area of the party, and recognized no one from the old days. This was sad. I got over it, though, when I met FRED. Yeah, that Fred. It was very exciting.

Indeed, several people have mentioned the presence of Fred of the Reactor, as he's known around here. Or Fred, Maker of Plasma Weapons, and occasionally just Fred of Fred'n'Justin.

But we somehow missed each other. Oh well.

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