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It's hard to blog during the Scavenger Hunt. Any time that, normally, one might be tempted to waste playing on the web or otherwise goofing off, is really better spent grabbing a nap. For a full-time Hunter like myself, I'd estimate that one puts in the equivalent of four back-to-back 18-22 hour workdays. That's tough, even on a seasoned grad student.

I'm not going to remotely attempt to provide a comprehensive recap of the Hunt. Judge Connor, by what superhuman effort I know not, provided the definitive blogging of the Hunt. Start there, and read upwards. Allocate some time; it's an interesting and hillarious read, but there's a lot to get through.

Now it's over. What I will be blogging (retrospectively) will be the specific exploits of my team, and personal thoughts of a varying nature on topics touching on the Hunt. So from that perspective, here's where I spoil the ending:

  1. I have now competed in seven Scavenger Hunts.
  2. My team, the F.I.S.T., came in third, for a second year running. We are pleased.
  3. Best Item of the Year goes to the Burton-Judson team, one of whose members proposed (in earnest, unlike many faux nuptialish items in the past) to her boyfriend Judge. During Judgement. Yes, the item in question was obviously a plant; that's not the point. There was weeping. F.I.S.T. provided the champaigne.
  4. Last year I had better things to do than spend time competing in the ScavHunt All-Stars event. This year I accepted my team's nomination. My All-Star team won; I took the third place individual slot. It's odd to think of the ScavHunt having things that can be won by an individual. But I still appreciate it.
  5. In light of all the above, don't think the notion of retiring from Hunting hasn't crossed my mind. There were definitely moments when I felt old. My gut tells me I'll be back next year, one way or another, but it's time for me to think more rigourously about exactly why, and in what capacity.
  6. Yes, I remembered to call my mother.

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Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

it was not a plant, i swear!

i didn't even think i was really gonna do it till i did


6. on my phone! heh!

Amber: yup. Thanks for the loan of your cell.

Nora: So I've been told by a couple of judges now, who were apparently caught completely by suprise. So I'm retracting my claim of "obvious plant," and replacing it with the label "suspiciously awesome."

Lots of things about ScavHunt are suspiciously awesome.

Life is weird, you know?

We almost cut that item, and if we had, Colin would've been lived out a lonely and miserable life.

Ha! yes, I will give credit to suspiciously awsome, the worst part is, it was colin's item, which was actually what made me do it...

I briefly toyed with the idea of getting him a man ring, though, the truth is, the only apropriate scav hunt engagment ring would be one made out of metal scraps and melted plastic.. or duct tape.

mmmm duct tape.

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