Heading to the airport in a few hours; I hit air at 9 am if everything keeps to schedule. Landing is around 9 am Israeli local time -- about 16 hours in transit, total.

I hate traveling when sick. Full-time scavving is hard on the health, and I'm nursing what Amber has charmingly dubbed the Post-Scavhunt Hacking Death Plague, along with about half the team from what I've heard. What's keeping me going is the knowledge that it's sunny and warm where I'm going.

More ScavHunt stories once I've slept off the jet lag. For that matter, I've still got lots of Sinai pictures to post, too. Catch y'all on the flip.


Urgh dude. 16 hours on a plane? I hope you're all but over the jet lag And the death plague by now. Happy travels, and thanks for coming all the way back to play!

Three of those hours were my layover in Newark, so that's really only 13 or so. And I guess I'll downgrade my condition to post-scav sniffle plague + sore ears from all the up-and-down with a congested head.

So, no lasting damage. A small price to pay for gettin' my scav on.

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