Okay, so here's one unforseen advantage to being in a small town in Israel instead of a city in the U.S. Turns out that here, one can walk up the day before and still get a block of tickets to the opening screening of the new Star Wars flick. Probably won't have to contend with too many Jedi-robed types, either. (Nothing wrong with that, mind you. But I left my light-saber on my other, er, continent, and they'd only make fun of my poor grasp of the Klingon language.)

I wasn't actually planning on doing the whole midnight-showing affair; given how dismal the last couple were, I'd decided to wait until the reactions were in so as to properly callibrate my expectations. The Hitchhiker's Guide was disappointing enough, after all. But a gaggle of folks from the dorm are going tonight, so I told 'em to go ahead and buy me a ticket.

And hey ... for those of you who haven't already watched it on the internet or something, I'll let you know if it's any good. I figure that'll give most of you about five hours warning.


Klingons and Jedi? In the same galaxy? (Did I miss something?)

Klingons and Jedi indeed. You think there's no connection ... until you take a head count of the number of people who can both recite Shakespeare in the original Klingon and wield a light-saber in flowing robes.

Statistics alone points to some deep Jedi-Klingon connection. An inter-galactic wormhole conspiracy, perhaps?

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