Long Walk, More Walls

Sorry for not posting yesterday ... and what's going to be a fairly perfunctory post today. Long day of not working followed by long day of catching up on stuff. It happens.

Especially when you decide it's a nice day for a long stroll through the West Bank.

Took the bus into Jerusalem yesterday, from where I walked to Bethlehem. A wonderful excursion, on which details will follow when I've sorted through the photos and notes I took a bit. First impressions include: more sunscreen wouldn't have hurt; there sure ain't much oversight of who enters the West Bank; the Field of the Apparition to the Sheperds run by the Franciscan monks is less convincing than the one run by the local YMCA.

It's those walls again. Later, pictures of that distant one from up close. That antenna turns out to be right at the crossing-point into Bethlehem. 2005:06:06 12:32:28

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