Last Call


Time to place your final bets, for those of you playing along at home.

There's been speculation, there's been rumour. But now it's official, reservation in hand: I'm moving back to the States.

And because I'm just that big a tease, I'll tell you all when ... tomorrow. But be assured, it's soon.


woooooohooooo! because these 254 Milligan-less days have been long and significantly lacking snarky commentary. can't wait to have you back on this continent.

I'm so glad that you got to experience all this, but I'll be very happy to have you back on this continent! Looking forward to climbing in the Tetons with you this summer.

Milligan, we had a discussion and we agreed that it's slightly disturbing that your little sister call you "Milligan."

Oh, I wouldn't read too much into that. It's just that most of the things my lil' sis calls me in person aren't so well suited to a public forum. Then our parents would read it and sit us down for the don't-call-each-other-names talk again, and maybe threaten to turn the car around. It would Make A Scene.

Snarking, naturally. Love to ya', sis!

I saw your post about BLAST at Tangled Bank #30 and decided to drop by.

Assuming I'm not disqualified for having inside information, I'm going to guess June 24th. I only wonder what you had to do to convince Shaul to let you come back. :-)

Well, if I had looked at the main page before guessing, I wouldn't look quite so silly right now. Welcome back stateside in advance.

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