Intermission Continues


Life goes on, but for the next few days it will continue to do so without much assistance on my part. Come Wednesday, once the collaborators go back to their home states / nations, I'll endeavor to reengage with the essentials, such as blogging, or finally buying some groceries.

Not that the world doesn't continue to be fun without me. Minnesota politics are always entertaining. You've got to give the governor points for so doggedly sticking to his no-tax-increases pledge, but that doesn't make it a less stupid thing to have promised.

Israel can't keep itself together for one week without some kind of crisis breaking out, of course. Looks like I got out while the gettin's good. And that's just today's headlines from skimming one newspaper.

Given that my world travels are complete for the medium term, I may eventually need to rethink the raisone d'etre of this supposed travel blog. In the near term, though, I've got plenty of material in the hopper. Til' next week, then.


I refuse to give Pawlenty any points for being a complete butthead. I hope they tatoo "no new taxes" on his forhead right before they draw and quater him.

Ah, but what kind of politics do *you* prefer? ;)

Wow. Did you two really manage to post within a minute of each other?

John: Now, since mine are roughly same sort of points you're talking about when out driving and the passenger tells you, "Five points for the little old lady," it's not clear that I'm running a high-score-wins game.

Connor: *You*? You who? I think John pretty well wears his on his sleeve. As for myself, it's telling that the security operatives of both the Bush and Sharon administrations have uniformly seemed suspicious of me.

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