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Taking pictures out my window as a great rolling Midwestern storm cell trundles away to the East. I'll need to get higher up for really good lightning shots. 2005:06:29 22:48:34

Collaborators have gone home, luggage is mostly unpacked, and I finally bought groceries. While I didn't mean to leave off the blogging for so long, sometimes there need to be priorities. For the first time in almost two weeks, I ate food prepared by these here hands last night.

Cooking is a start, but it doesn't quite feel like home, just yet. Why should it? I was in Israel for nearly as long as I had lived in this house. I knew the present inhabitants for perhaps a month. There are two locations in Chicago that I called home for longer than I've been in this city. Every location in San Antonio feels a little bit like home, and I haven't lived there in almost seven years. Repeated peregrinations have given a home-y feel to a constellation of points on the map. And there's the truth of the matter: no place is simply home.

In return? I'm a kid from South Texas, who's walked through castles made of ice, who's roamed over the Jerusalem hills. My job is to investigate the beginning of time.

Fair trade.

* * *

Regular blogging to return (for real) this weekend -- if I can get the cable modem working again -- or next week.

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