Luggage: Epilogue

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This box appeared on my doorstep while I was out. According to my roommate, the deliveryman seemed anxious to assure him that the box looked like this when he got it, and that I should under no circumstances complain to him about it. Given my experiences so far, this seems pretty reasonable. 2005:07:09 20:01:19
The entire contents of this breadbox-sized amorphous lump of cardboard was a fist-sized amorphous lump of bubblewrap containing my exceedingly peregrinated power adapter. No wonder it got thoroughly smashed. 2005:07:09 20:01:48

The world, it turns out, continues to be its usual perverse self in little things as well as big. Recall, if you will, my adventures getting my stuff back from Israel. All but a laptop charger made it. Last week I concluded that "special screening" must have been code for "controlled explosion", decided that it would be nice to be able to use my laptop again, and eBay'ed a cheap replacement. Which arrived yesterday while nobody was home, and returned to the FedEx depot, from where I retrieved it by bike today.

Later, in the lab, I got a call from American telling me that a package was on its way to my house. I arrived to find a well-masticated box containing my bubble-wrapped charger. Absolutely no indication of where it's been, but it doesn't appear to have been dissected, either. Maybe the screeners just thought it would be a hoot to check it on through to Minneapolis via Baghdad International.

I wonder if the brush that vanished is going to mysteriously show up in three months tangled with yak hair.

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Having a second adapter is great if you frequently use the laptop in two places: you no longer have to carry the adapter which often adds a pound to the travel weight.

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