Zanesville 2: Luminosity

Here we are playing putt-putt golf by blacklight. Of course, since we were all wearing black, we're a bit hard to recognize. 2005:08:06 19:53:09

After bride and groom sped off in a cloud of smoke (literally), Laura the unusually-cheerful goth declared that we should play a round of putt-putt. In the dark. Like Meridith's heart. Or so she claims, anyway.

Turns out that Zanesville not only has a mall, but said mall is occasionally infested with gothy-boppers. This amused Laura greatly (said Jess, "You visited my mall?!"). As did the prospect of blacklit golfing, especially in our formal duds. So Laura, 'Ridith, Gemma, and myself piled into Hatman's rental and away we went.

Also turns out that we're terrible at putt-putt, although Sawyer did keep sinking improbable holes-in-one.

This is what a blacklit mini-golf course looks like, if you let your eyes adjust. Or if you're me, and happen to carry a tripod and camera set to timed exposure in your coat pocket. Difficult to make out but a crucial component of the atmosphere in here, are the glowing golfing garden gnomes. 2005:08:06 19:53:18


I like the one where I'm not blurring up the backround =). Did I mention that I'm thinking about getting a digital camera for myself? Also, I'm a big fan of the livejournal feed.

Laura, right? Yes, you should invest in a digital camera of some sort. I forsee endless fun with Photoshop as a result.

Glad the feed is working out. Must be popular with you folks; I've been getting more comments this week than ever. (Besides the snarky ones on the feed itself, I mean.)

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