Zanesville 3: Reception Portraits

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Somehow or other, Jess has induced Connor to lighten up. 2005:08:06 16:36:41

At events like these, there will be some people who see each other every day. The ones we're more interested in, though, are the people we used to see every day, but have since wandered off into parts remote. Or in my case, folks I saw regularly until I wandered off. I tend to do that.

Apropos of the previous post, here's a photographic sampling. For the modem-impaired, the large images are in the continuation.

SPH (also known as sperkins these days -- the dangers of having an easily utterable email address) and Sawyer vie for the title of Hatman, while Laura instigates. 2005:08:06 18:35:20

Of course, the battle we all really wanted to see was the ceremonial white-boy rap duel between SPH and Connor. But since they both got taken to school during this year's Scavhunt party, they may have been feeling humble.

Carla and Laura look on, while 'Ridith looks shifty. 2005:08:06 15:23:22

If these three ask you out for a drink, it's entirely possible that your blood is on the menu. Naturally, we ended up at a goth dance club in Columbus with suprisingly good music and a hyperactive fog machine.

I guess I missed this, but somewhere along the line Sebastian traded in his Jedi robes for the Joker's suit. Although he still breaks out the flowing browns around Scavhunt time, from what I've seen. 2005:08:06 18:38:31

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Cup of My Blood.

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