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Dinkytown is blessed with a number of places to eat a decent Sunday brunch buffet. The Loring Pasta Bar gets points for having perhaps the most ecclectic offerings of the lot. Mmm, mussels and carrot cake for brunch. 2005:08:14 12:50:45

Sigh. It had to happen, eventually. After a year and a half of going without, I'll be taking classes again in the fall. Nothing strenuous, mind you, as my advisor's issued dire warnings about how he's paying me to do research, not homework. But, the course credits won't earn themselves. So since there's a couple of weeks of summer left, and because I've barely seen my Dad since Christmas, and since all of my Western camping has taken place south of, roughly, Denver, it's time for a road trip.

Tomorrow Dad flies in. We stock up, rent a car, and strike out Tuesday morning. The plan is to make our way across the northern plains up into the mountains, take a right at Yellowstone, and end up in Denver ten or twelve days from now. Then we return the car, he flies to a conference in California, and I come back here. It's a good thing we travel light, as everything we bring will have to become airline luggage on the way back.

Normally my luddite tendencies kick in on trips like this, but my father's in the middle of projects just now. So he encouraged me to bring along a laptop so we can search for wireless signals. And come to think of it, we may well have an easier time finding net cafes than good cell reception. So, I just might manage to post here during the trip, depending on what we find. No promises, but we'll see. Either way, lots of good (i.e. not all of the highway) photos when I get back.

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