State Fair?


The Minnesota State Fair is probably the most visible of the various ways that this state employs to remind the world that it remains an agricultural state, and that that's okay. Part swap meet (they'll try to sell you a tractor in the back lots), part Carnival of Oddities (c.f. the Hall of Grain Art, or the infamous butter sculptures), part rides-and-fried-food-on-a-stick festival, I've found it to be a suprisingly representative microcosm of Minnesota.

So there's four days left to this year's fair. Anyone up for an expedition in the next few days?


Been already to eat my way from one side to the other. But I'd possibly be up for it again this weekened.

Will there be giant statues made of butter?!?!?!!?!

Giant butter statues, I have been led to believe, do exist. Of what I could find online, though, I see only statues of normal size (for statues; not so much normal for butter).

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