Long Weekend

Each year the Midwest Dairy Association crowns a new Princess Kay of the Milky Way, the Minnesota dairy industry's ambassador of goodwill for the year. Over the course of the State Fair she and the 11 finalists will be carved as butter busts in a giant rotating refrigerator. 2005:09:04 16:11:24

Apologies for getting behind on posting, but I just keep getting distracted. First, there's been a fair amount of work to do. Second, I've been out of the lab a good deal this week, which I know you all approve of. And finally, whenever I have had a spare moment to hit the net, I find that news seems to just keep right on happening! And it's all the sort of interesting, calamitous, well-covered news that doesn't really call for any help from me.

I did make it to the State Fair, showcase of Minnesotaness that it is. Everything from pizza to fried candybar was served on a stick. Sillyness abounded, the carnies were cheerful, and the crop art was not so much corny as tobacco mosaic. I resisted the urge to torment the young Republicans (because it's just too easy), who seemed suitably puzzled that despite screaming about giving away iPods, not much of anyone wanted to talk to them. I was not even tempted to dumpster dive the Fair.

And for some reason I can't explain, I am convinced that either this kid or his bunny will grow up to be a cereal killer.

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