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Hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day. Now of course, the proper way to celebrate would be to help feed striking workers or otherwise remember and support the struggling labor movement. But since this is also the last long weekend before autumn really kicks in, it's been universally repurposed as the official End Of Summer.

Especially for those of us who actually begin classes tomorrow; I'm given to understand that in most parts of the country, that happened a while ago. But there's other signs: if you stand just right you can almost feel a chill on the breeze; the thunder outside sounds like an approaching autumn front rather than a summer's thunderhead. Just to underscore the point, the State Fair even ended today.

Feeling like I approached yesterday's excursion entirely too conventionally, I spent another afternoon at the Fair. Sought out the most unusual foods, of which the winner is shrimp and cream cheese jalapeno poppers served with, as far as I could tell, rasberry jam. Listened to the Tejano-influenced polka band that loudly featured almost-dancable drum solos. Tried to make conversation over lunch with an (I think) Polish-speaking family, and got as far as establishing that they didn't want my leftover fries. Since deep-fried Snickers is old hat now, sprung for a breaded Milky Way.

Chicago folks: if I pop into town for the Celtic Fest weekend after next, will anyone come along?

Minneapolis folks: Come by the lab mid-afternoonish to help me finish off the pail of cookies from the State Fair. Sorry, but I can't provide milk. The (noon) group meeting's definitely done by 2:30 or so.

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We saw those. We had a fight about whether the place was serving "shimp and cream cheese jalapeno poppers" or "shrimp" and "cream cheese jalapeno poppers." Looks like I lost!

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