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Since nobody in Chicago replied to my Celtic Fest suggestion, I'm going to assume you're all busy next weekend. Maybe I'll just bus in for Sunday, so I don't have to pester anyone into letting me crash overnight.

My, but the start of classes does seem to have cut into my blogging time. That, and it's rained most every day this week, making extended excursions rather less appealing. Hot, cold, snow, wind I can enjoy. Biking in the rain is just dreary and messy, though, especially as it's not yet cold enough to do it in a trenchcoat.

Hopefully we'll get some clearer skies next week, though, just in case monster sunspot 798 decides to set the sky on fire., as always.

So how come I'm blogging and not getting work done just now? Mostly waiting for Crystal to be released from her prelim exam. She will do fine, but is unnecessarily stressed about the whole affair, and will require lunch presently.


I saw aurora Friday night

PS. took me 5 tries to type my name right and only 3 to type my web page. Patheitc? Or within a poisson distribution (poisson took me 2, as did distribution)

i dont think i was unnecessarily stressed, i was calm through my whole presentation. im just glad the comittiee didnt try to walk in while i was doing emergency yoga before hand.
though, my brain did a VERY impressive core dump after my presentation, but still in the oral exam. at least supermongo asks me if i want a core dump; my brain just did a spontaneous crash and core dump.

oh yeah, that was me: crystal
even though it was pretty obvious

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