Ripped from a Daily Show webcast, the alphabetical list of potential Bush Administration disasters.

And to lighten up a bit, it has to be said. When all is done, when you've helped where you can and hoped for the best where you can't ... laughing at the situation really can be a good approach. Plus, well-aimed humor can be said to offer comfort to the afflicted, by rather directly afflicting the comfortable. John Stewart is good at that.

I actually first ran across this list in a derivative context, which I found amusing, but which kids who were even geekier than yours truly in high school will truly appreciate. I for one am reassured by the fact that there're clearly jokes in there that I'm not getting.

"Katrina: The Gathering" playing cards. The creators are convinced that they are now going to Hell. Which is probably true, depending upon your point of view, either for the "George Bush: Humanitarian" card or the inclusion of "The Race Card".

[Update: 18 Oct 2005] The Katrina cards, predictably enough, ate those poor fellows' blog bandwidth. Links changed to use one of the mirror sites.



ps, i think your card is the blogger one.

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