Aw, Nuts


And here I was, looking forward to a nice, quiet birthday.

Passed a table in the student union today, run by one of the less reputable Christian organizations on campus. They're bringing in the creationist nutjobs for a talk on "intelligent design". In my very own physics building! On my birthday! Are they trying to make me crazy?

Now I have to brainstorm what sort of "hospitality" I'd like to prepare for them.

[Update: 18:45] Doc Martin thinks this is actually the MacLaurin lecture on Sept. 30 (on the campus calendar, too). Admittedly, I can't find anything along these lines on the calendar for the 22nd, but I'm sure of what I saw. I'll go back to the union tomorrow and try to find them again to double check my information.

I was initially thinking of truth-squadding the lecture by planting a few people armed with printouts of the CC Index. But FSM flyers would also be entertaining.

However, the 30th would be a Friday, not a Thursday. So an official looking sign announcing a change of location to the rooftop would do nicely. Just make sure there's some extra help available for public observing that night.

[Update: 20:15] I found them! Not only them, but these loons as well!

So coming back from dinner tonight I found a flyer in the building. Apparently there is also an event on the 22nd (7 pm, Tate 170), which is not on the calendars, hosted by the Maranatha Christian Fellowship. I quote from the flier:

Dave Nutting describes himself as a "former evolutionist" who carefully studied the scientific issues and by the power of the Holy Spirit became convinced of the truth of creation. Currently the director of the Alpha Omega Institute and publisher of the bimonthly newsletter Think and Believe, he and his wife Mary Jo travel and speak extensively at churches, schools, conventions, and seminars.

So not just Intelligent Design quacks like Behe, but hardcore creationists. It's raining wackos!



attack, milligan! attack!

Do they actually believe the... umm... invited speaker?

It's the 30th:
I have contacted the NCSE ( for help organizing a guerilla action. Hopefully they have a preprepared kit they can send up.

This... this is fantastic.

Somebody please bring a giant noodly appendage.

Seriously, some nerve to have this in the Physics building. Should make for an, um, lively audience, though. Fun!

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