Ah, Sharon


First a note: I think I've unravelled the confusion in the previous post about when the creationists are coming. Upshot is, we're all right!

Ah, Sharon. Even when he seems to have the best of intentions, he can't seem to do anything perfectly honestly. Now that the disengagement is past for the time being, he's clearly not even trying.

From Ha'aretz:

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon raised illegal campaign funds during his just-completed trip to New York, Channel Ten reported Monday.

...Sharon was in New York to attend the annual General Assembly session.

Channel 10 showed footage of the entrance to a swanky Fifth Avenue apartment building in Manhattan, where Sharon met wealthy supporters for dinner on Sunday evening.

A Channel 10 reporter read from an invitation sent by Nina Rosenwald, identified as the heiress of the Sears empire, stating that people attending the dinner with Sharon in her apartment would be expected to contribute at least $10,000 to Sharon's campaign to retain Likud leadership against a challenge from former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The election law limits such contributions to a primary election campaign to $7,800.

In most well-regulated states, of course, the maximum allowed contribution from a foreigner to the campain of a candidate for high public office is $0. I recall Clinton getting into trouble over fundraisers that merely seemed to be hosted by foreigners, for instance. However, even Israelis will agree that Israel is anything but a well-regulated state; most would point out in all fairness that Sharon's political opponents were just as dishonest and corrupt when they were in power.

Then again, all Jews anywhere in the world are eligible to make al'lyiah under the Law of Return. Perhaps the contributions from the Jews in the room are then okay, since they could become Israeli citizens any time they feel like it. (If you plan ahead, this is by far the easiest way to immigrate to Israel. Those who arrive and then try to convert (a) are treated with considerable suspicion by the immigration authorities, and (b) usually can only do so in strict Orthodox communities, which can get their citizenship revoked if they can't take it.)


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