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One night in the Tetons, I pointed my camera at the Big Dipper and let it run for a while. Later I plotted up a sky chart for the same region of the sky that night and overlayed it, to figure out which stars are visible. It looks like stars down to 6th or 7th magnitude show up; anything below that is lost in the noise. You may not be able to do science with JPEGs, but this appears to have done about as well as the star tracker camera on the payload I'm building. Click through for a larger, blink-comparator version. 2005:08:23 23:28:41

Don't you hate it when you miss an 11am-noon class because of a 9:30 am meeting that just wouldn't die? Yeah, me too.

Fuul is a popular traditional breakfast dish in Egypt and elsewhere in the Arab world. It is to my palette indistinguishable from South Texas refried beans, like La Preferida with a dab of olive oil and garlic. Just thought I'd share that.

My Israeli hummous supply finally exhausted, I've switched to hummous from Holy Land deli in Northeast Mpls. Inferior, but passable.

I haven't done an astrophotography post in a little while. Here's a portion of the dipper handle in Ursa Major. My camera can resolve Mizar and Alcor just fine, it turns out.

Rita seems to have exploded from a tropical storm to a category 5 hurricane in the last 24 hours or so. If anyone you know is currently on or near the still-saturated ground of Katrina's path ... tell them to run. Now. Seriously. And incidentally, has any year's hurricane season ever exhausted the list of available names? There's only four left on this year's list, and six to eight weeks of season to go.

Just to annoy any wingnuts who might drop by, I'll try to come up with some more good crescent moon shots. Besides, that is, the many I've already posted.

But tonight I was taking pictures of the storm rolling in, from the roof of the physics building. Then the tornado sirens started wailing. Nice lightning, but since I don't fancy being struck I retreated before the leading edge arrived. Didn't see any tornados, just high wind.

[Update: 23 Sept '05]: Turns out I wasn't the only one to wonder what happens if you run out of hurricane names. The answer, apparently, is that the hurricanes after Wilma are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and so on. When I saw the headline about names "going Greek", though, I was hoping we'd actually move to names in the Greek alphabet. Hurricane Αγαμέμνων, anybody?

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I never realized how dependent I was on Amber's homemade hummus until I moved here. Good store-bought hummus is hard to come by. I've been trying different varieties, and the only passable one so far is this ultra-garlicified kind...and even that is still sub-par. I need to get me another blender so I can just make my own.

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