A Circuitous Year

As I mentioned, EGAD hit the 1-year mark this weekend, during which time it appears to have been read about 6,000 times. Slightly less than half of that by the eight or ten regular readers. That's around 300 visits apiece ... don't you people have anything better to be doing?

In the past year, I've really gotten around. A quick tally of my itineraries adds up to 67,800 kilometers crossed in the air (42,400 miles), plus almost another 5,000 km in buses, cars, and trains. That's over 1 1/2 times the circumference of the Earth.

I visited my kid sister in New York.

I got exported to Israel, by way of Madrid.

I spent an exciting couple of weeks dashing from Tel Aviv to Atlanta, New York, and San Antonio, and back again.

I spent the spring tromping about Israel: explored Jerusalem, got within sight of Gaza City, walked to Bethlehem, and ventured as far as the Sinai desert. There were many camels.

Then I returned to the Midwest to visit Minneapolis and do Scavhunt in Chicago.

Eventually the Israelis had had enough of me and sent me back. A couple of days later they did the same for my luggage.

I saw family in San Antonio, a wedding in Zanesville, Ohio, and went camping in Yellowstone.

And I'm back where I started: a house in Minneapolis, in the midst of a rainy gray autumn.

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