Workshop Weekend

Storms just keep on rollin' through, and it's more than one night I've raced the lightning home. Got in just ahead of the toad-strangler that flooded all the highways the other night.

While hardly planning to attend every session, much of my time from now through the weekend will be spent in the Mass, Light, and Chemistry cosmology workshop. Interesting lineup of speakers, and it's right across the river in the West Bank campus. Naturally, today's the day that it begins to feel like winter. The radio this morning even reported pre-dawn flurries in the city. Good day for walking across the Mississippi at 9 am.

Comment spammers attacked en masse earlier in the week, but they seem to have settled down somewhat for now.

[Update: 23:00] PS. It isn't just the radio. Reliable eye-witnesses have reported to me sightings of as many as three snowflakes at a time this morning. I thought I saw one myself cycling in today, but it was just as likely to be crud flying off a passing car.


i am a spam message!

Downtown Chicago was crisp today, and smelled like chocolate and sweet popcorn.

Very liveable, as downtowns go. It's a good time of year for the place. Or maybe that's just me; I always seem to miss the city most in mid-autumn.

I am getting a noticeable number of those comment spams too. "What a great resource" my ass. My blog sucks and you know it.

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