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Okay, this is cool.

Last week I gave a talk on this paper (link probably only works from university networks, sorry, but here are my slides if you just want to see the important figures), describing Pluto's atmosphere as probed by observations of a faint star passing behind Pluto. Turns out it's doing weird stuff, actually.

Even more mysterious than Pluto is its moon, Charon. But this past July, a very rare thing happened: Charon managed to occult a star. The folks behind this paper were on the case. And, like any respectable scientists trying to impress potential grad students and funding agencies, they made a movie.

Occultation of C313.2 by Charon, courtesy the MIT Planetary Astronomy Laboratory. As with JPEGs, you can't do science with a Quicktime movie. Supposedly, though, they do have actual results to release at the next AAS Planetary Sciences meeting.

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As with JPEGs, you can't do science with a Quicktime movie.

This is not always true. We are actually using wavelength-space movies to tell us the Doppler-structure of Cas A.

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