Snow? Here?


Well, it's official. The chance-of-snow icon just made its debut for the season in our local weather report. Which is fine by me; I've always done well with warm Halloween costumes.

And in related news, Oh Good Lord. In under 24 hours, Hurricane Wilma jumped from disorganized tropical storm to the most powerful hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Basin (that's courtesy of meteorologist Jeff Masters' blog). On another of the WUnderground blogs, less discussion and more pictures of the beast. And wouldn't you know, it's set to make a U-turn and head right for Florida.

[Update: 18:30] Of which the media has now taken notice: on the NY Times front page now. Although the most recent modelling shows that the low pressure system expected to pull Wilma sharply east is slowing. Several models now indicate landfall on the Yucatan instead. Which is making Wall Street happy, even though it would most certainly cost far more lives that way.

Okay, something amusing to take our minds off of it ... ah, here we go. String theory humor.

As had long been speculated, Clifford did not put his pants on like everyone else, one leg at a time.

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