All Hallows I

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Beware, world! I have identified possibly the world's worst tie, and paired it with a truly remarkable blazer. With their powers combined, I shall be unstoppable, and dressed like a Batman villian, to boot.

Test drove them today in my department. Best quote: "What the ... Ack, help! The leprechaun is scaring me!"

To be continued ...

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Hi Michael.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note with all sorts of pertinent information. Or maybe I'm exaggerating.

1. Jess and I still owe you a thank you note... very much. Because we very much appreciate. I know it's very late, but I didn't want you to think it's been forgotten. There's been a lot of sorting out these last few months and I, in particular haven't had my shit together.

2. Things are well in New York, but it certainly isn't Chicago. I wonder if you feel that way about Minnesota. And great glory to the White Sox. But I'm posting on my blog regularly again, and should be able to resume reading yours on a consistant basis. I'm happy to see that you're continuing the good work here.

3. What are you going as for Halloween?

~ Connor

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