Stormy Scary

A storm rolls in, as seen from the roof of the physics building. 2005:09:21 19:08:28

A little while back I hung out on the roof taking pictures of a storm rolling in. Sadly, a static photograph just doesn't do justice to the dynamism of a midwestern thunderstorm. Happily, I had just worked out how to use the rapid-fire mode on my camera. Rather than take up scads of space on the page posting hundreds of images, I have (in a fit of supremely geeky procrastination) encoded them into a movie. Which *should* play on most any computer, I think.

Minneapolis thunder storm -- air-raid sirens not included.

MP4 format might work better on some computers.


Won't work on my computer at work, the G_d forsaken Windows NT box seemingly configured to eliminate any chance of getting anything done.

Hey that's the one that knocked down all our trees!

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