Autumn Passing

The Mall, our official Central Campus Green Space, gets into the spirit of autumn. 2005:10:20 10:13:49

Look! More photoblogging!

Vaguely apropos of which, the local blog techie has announced that we will shortly be upgrading to a thoroughly modern Moveable Type. Nothing much will change on your end, and at first I'll mostly get to appreciate improved spam filtering. Eventually, though, this will mean more integration of the technological goodies that can make blogging so dizzyingly neat of late.

Which gets me to the apropos part. One of the hot services out there is Flickr, if you're into blogging and photography, or so I gather. Which raises a question. Currently I edit my photos here on the ol' workstation and upload them to our MT server, whence they get linked into my posts. Would I gain anything of value my moving the photo end to a Flickr account, given that they'd still primarily appear here? Does anyone out there use Flickr and thus know what the key advantages are? Let me know.

Okay. Moving right along...

Autumn arrived about on time this year, though things briefly looked as though it would last about 12 hours. But that cold snap ended, and we've had a gloriously extended fall. It was only a couple of weeks ago that the leaves started turning in earnest, as seen here. I'm told the colors are better those years when the turn happens in a sudden weekend, rather than this gradual de-greening, but I've yet to see such an occurence.

Last night an airmass worthy of late autumn blew through -- cycling home against a 40 MPH headwind was a good workout, which is just as well since the temperature had also dropped 20 degrees below what I had dressed for riding in that morning. I've come to think of late autumn as beginning at about the point when a good stiff cold front manages to blow most of the remaining foliage off the (deciduous) trees. Tomorrow, it has arrived. And none too soon, either: while we might actually hit record high temperatures tomorrow (if we make it to 65°F), there are multiple possible snowfalls forecast for next week.

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