Autumn Passing II

My street! It's been denuded! 2005:11:10 11:13:14

It's that volatile time of year now. Today we hit 62°F, about 20°F above normals for this time of year. By Monday the forecast has us below normal temperature with the potential for accumulating snowfall. I made a point of spending some time out of doors today, then, even though it was objectively a somewhat dreary day. Quite unlike a couple of days ago, when I took the picture to the right. That one was decently crisp and clear all the way up. Today, well, you may know the kind ... not actually cloudy, but the afternoon sun seems tired and can't quite muster the gumption to cast sharp shadows. Not dark, but still grey. All in all, an interesting transitional species that my native climate mostly lacks.

The oaks haven't quite finished changing, and presently range from bright red to still nearly green. 2005:11:11 14:43:12

The cold front last week, even if it didn't amount to all that much of a wind storm -- certainly not compared to the thunderstorms we had last month -- managed to blow the remaining leaves off most of the local trees. The major exception appears to be the oaks, which haven't quite finished turning. A couple of other less widespread varieties, too. I also notice there's a significant variation from one end of campus to the other, which I would speculate is tied to the change in average temperature, wind, and humidity as you move away from the river.

If I had to guess, next week will see the rest of the trees get with the program. Yes, a week of good solid freezes should do the trick.

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