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Much time has been consumed hereabouts in the past week watching people sketch. Through the magic of the Internets, that is. See, art.com has acquired and offered for mass consumption this ArtPad web-app, which is actually a quite nifty application of dynamic Flash programming. Just a simple painting program, except the process is the product. Probably best illustrated with an example or two, so here are two recent creations from the dept: good for a quick sketch, or it can be used for animation (watch that one on fast).

It is possible to go a bit overboard with the technique, natch. From a different site I picked up this animated sketch, demonstrating the extremely Classical technique of drawing a model from the skeleton out. (Yes, this results in brief nudity, if you're a complete prude (or have your completely prudish boss over your shoulder just now).)

In other local news, poor John's been trying to get this paper published for rather more than a year, in the face of apparently considerable intra-disciplinary politics. Probably because he contradicts people much higher than himself on that particular totem pole. I will therefore score its recent acceptance for publication as a point for the good guys, and the home team to boot. Congrats.

For my part, same old, same old. Research just won't let up for five minutes, much less long enough to write up my second-year project. So my oral exam continues to be pushed back. Probably have to be early January at this point, which means Christmas will just rock. Oh. Yeah.

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