Still Wintry

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The church at the end of my block does snowy eves quite nicely. Formerly St. George Ukranian Orthodox church, it was taken over by the COGIC sometime while I was away. 2005:11:25 12:40:58

A quick head count reveals that as of around the end of November, I'd taken 2000 photos this year. That's probably more than I'd taken in my entire life previously. Ah, the magic of free film; me likes digital photography. And anyhow, throwing a photo up on the blog now and then is a great way to kill a few minutes, and ensures the main page doesn't get too bare when I don't have time to write anything extended.

Sunday morning we of the cosmology lab make our group expedition to Rhode Island to have even more meetings than usual. Today we cautiously declared victory on my optical design, so I can spend the next couple of days collecting results and slapping together a bunch of slides. Plus I need to pack for a couple of weeks in Texas. Neat trick I'm pulling, assuming I can make it work -- fly back in Wednesday morning, head for the pickup line and have my pre-stashed big suitcase delivered by a labmate's ride, and head back into the airport for a mid-afternoon departure. Means a good long while in the airport, but I think that's less failure-prone than rushing across Minneapolis and back to get the thing from my house.

Pi! Warning, broadband video, but so worth it for totally gratuitous pi.

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I love your pictures. Always good to see them.

Gawd, that video was great. Creepy! Especially when the singing monk/wizards started annihilating the children.

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