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Map generator courtesy World66. I'm up to 56% of the states (29 of 'em, in all), but this is a lifetime accomplishment, not just this year's travels. Two points stick out: I've been remiss in overlooking Michigan all this time, and I just can't seem to make it over the Rockies. Perhaps this is the year to remedy this.

A while back there was a "year in review" meme going around, which asked one to extract the first sentence from each month's first post. Here's my take, now that the year's actually over.

For each month of 2005, post the last sentence (or so) of the first post and the first sentence (or so) of the last post. Feel free to exclude housekeeping posts.

  • Jan 2: The new and improved getaway vehicle. It has been thoroughly annotated with helpful hints ("Bride Here") and warning labels ("It's a trick! Get an axe!").
  • Jan 24: Juan Cole mentions that there is enlightenment to be had from Ella Shohat's meditation on the implications for identity in being an Iraqi Jew, and an American one at that -- and on the cognitive dissonance this produces in many Westerners.
  • Feb 2: Observing that my coat was completely soaked through by this point, I declared lack of pneumonia to be the better part of valour, and hailed a cab to take me back to the bus station. Point and match to the weather, I'm afraid.
  • Feb 27: Since some of my readers are compulsive worriers and had asked, let me reassure everyone that I was not in Tel Aviv at the time of last Friday's bombing.
  • March 1: Second? My original visa expired yesterday. As did my original return ticket. I'm now on extended time.
  • March 31: Last night while buying nuts, I was approached by one of the servers at the cafe next door. He asked if he'd seen me at the Disengagement demonstration.
  • April 1: On further investigation, it seems that the Cardinals are supposed to be assembled within nine days of the Pope's death. So perhaps haste is not altogether unseemly.
  • April 29: Minneapolis area readers, act now! This afternoon, take advantage of a rare opportunity to meet and greet with the one and only author of EGAD!
  • May 1:I'll announce where I'm crashing when I get an email confirming that I can crash there.
  • May 31: The Minnesota crew is busy this week hosting the spring meeting of the American Astronomical Society. It's a fair bet that gamma ray bursts will crash the party, but besides that I expect the usual scuttlebutt about NASA's funding adventures and where oh where is that second-year WMAP data?
  • June 1: We didn't quite make it up to the summit to watch the sun rise, but apparently it's enormously crowded up there, so I feel okay about that. Tau and I climbed off the path a bit up to this little cleft, and found a nice view for ourselves.
  • June 26: Life goes on, but for the next few days it will continue to do so without much assistance on my part. Come Wednesday, once the collaborators go back to their home states / nations, I'll endeavor to reengage with the essentials, such as blogging, or finally buying some groceries.
  • July 1: In return? I'm a kid from South Texas, who's walked through castles made of ice, who's roamed over the Jerusalem hills. My job is to investigate the beginning of time.
  • July 30: Distracting week for those of us in the space biz.
  • Aug 1: After all, we have here an important cosmologist on the radio to discuss how morality is intrinsic to the fabric of reality. The least I'd expect is a proposal to investigate, if not actually test, this hypothesis. Something more than a kind exhortation to take his word for it, on faith.
  • Aug 30: Elsewhere, the damage is done; what's gone is gone, what survived has survived. But the reports from New Orleans increasingly sound as though they are speaking of a mortally wounded patient.
  • Sept 1: So there's four days left to this year's fair. Anyone up for an expedition in the next few days?
  • Sept 29: Okay, so just as a rule of thumb, we're going to assume that weeks that involve sleeping in the lab will be light blogging weeks.
  • Oct 2: And (news not for the easily offended) further evidence that the Discovery Institute's Intelligent Designer probably isn't Pat Robertson's God.
  • Oct 31: And in other news, an IAU bulletin is making the rounds. The Hubble has detected two small objects orbiting ... Pluto!
  • Nov 1: Minneapolis thunder storm -- air-raid sirens not included.
  • Nov 28: Being the sort of grad student who will definitely not sleep in a bed seven times in the coming week, this quote really tickled me.
  • Dec 3: Or do I let the urban scavenger take charge, and simply revel in the prospect of free stuff, even if said stuff hasn't previously been discarded?
  • Dec 31: Unless I work up the ambition to post again tonight, see above.

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Well I just emailed you a viable offer to knock out Michigan on that map. Hell we could even hit Iowa if you were willing to spend a few extra hours in the car in one direction. Personally, I've only missed Maine, Alabama, Lousianna, Nebraska, and Oaklahoma.

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