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Another post, the primary function of which is to reassure the world that I'm still alive in here. My oral exam is Wednesday, after which I can get on with having a more structured season. Which will be kicked off with a 30 hour sci-fi marathon. In Cleveland. I'll be roadtripping there with DrSpiff on Friday early, back Sunday.

Fine, so "more structured" was probably a misnomer.

Tentatively, there will be a side trip to Michigan on the way back, so I can cross that off the 'ol list. I'd be obliged if Connor would offer some suggestions for a couple-of-hours sidetrip to lower MI.

The wider world is successfully being uninteresting of late, as present newsworthies are largely the foreseen playing-out of the set scene. Still, a most pleasant morning was had sitting around listening to the radio. This was probably an influence of the bread-maker that arrived on my porch the other day. While some readers may recall my "tool of the Devil" rants about the contraptions, I was pleasantly won over by the experience of having freshly baked bread for breakfast, courtesy of this wonderful contraption called a "timer."

Say, who's up for doing a sandwich day sometime for lunch? You bring the fillings, I'll supply the loaf.

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Hope this isn't too late.
The answer depends on whether you're on the Chicago side of the Detroit side.

The Chicago side: Plenty of dunes along the lake, good hiking. One of the better is Warren Dunes State Bark in Berrien county. There's wine tasting in Paw Paw. Kalamazoo's a small college town, but in my mind more interesting than Ann Arbor. Battle Creek is the center of the cereal industry. Grand Rapids is supposedly one of the most conservative big cities in the country, after Salt Lake and Colorado Springs. It's very pretty to drive around here... it might be fun to strike out towards the middle of nowhere and see what you can see.

The Detroit Side: Ann Arbor and the D itself. Detroit could easily take a day or several. Henry Ford museum and Greenfield Vilage in Dearborn is pretty cool, trains and planes and log cabins, etc. Detroit Zoo, the Motown Museum, great polish and middle eastern food in Hamtrack. Detroit's Eastern Market rocks! Ann Arbor's alright (and just 45 minutes from Flint!) but utterly predictable. MSU in East Lansing actually has a gorgeous campus if you feel more laid back. Personally, I think the east makes a more compelling day trip, and the west a more pleasant quiet weekend.

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