And For The More Visually Inclined ... Christmas Trees!

Because, you know, I can. I've got like, fifteen major photo-essays just waiting to be written. Someday.

In Minneapolis, my house's little plastic tree. We had a fun night of making ornaments out of beads and paper and string. It's bright outside because the ground is covered in snow. 2005:12:17 15:47:19
In San Antonio, my family's Christmas tree. It's bigger, which is good, since it's got to fit several decades worth of accumulated ornaments on it. Thankfully it's been many years since we've had indoor cats spry enough to have much interest in climbing adventures. It's bright outside because it's about 90° in Texas. 2005:12:25 09:58:09

So I present a comparison of Christmas trees. We actually had a grand plan to drive out to wherever it is people drive to, and cut down a tree of our own. Preferably finding one on a Charlie Brown sort of scale. But sadly, even that turned out to be overly ambitious for my housemates, because we are busy people. So once again, green plastic carried the day.

The San Antonio tree, on the other hand, was gloriously real, if curiously green given the heatwave and 10% humidity.

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