NYT evinces sense of humor

Taking a short web-surfing break, and the funniest thing I find is an article in the Times. The accompanying graphic, anyway, ripped from the headlines of the Journal of Imaginary Genomics.

Fun with author lists and bristlecone pines. Actually, many things about the Times would improve if they stopped taking themselves so seriously.

Given that today is today, a good roundup of MLK linkage can be found at Six Impossible Things. The moral of which is: celebrating Dr. King's birthday is a poor substitute for honoring his legacy.

I leave you with another photo.

The Tower Life Building the day after Christmas, seen through the spans of the Arsenal Street bridge over the San Antonio River, and through the diffuse nebular emission common to every nocturnal cityscape. Not tallest nor most massive, its unique shape and lighting cause it to nevertheless define downtown San Antonio's skyline. The aggressively central location and gargoyles help in this respect. Yes, gargoyles. 2005:12:26 22:50:21

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