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I passed. It is done.

There is much to be done that has been left undone for the last month, last semester. I declare today my new year. It's time to get to work.

But first I shall get some sleep. And leave y'all with a picture or two.

On New Years Eve we went out to watch the fireworks display. It was a big deal, since the state of Texas was under a total fire ban. There was some surprise when, after not having seen a single cloud for days on end, a luxuriantly opaque fog came sighing in for the night. 2006:01:01 00:44:27
Not that we couldn't experience the fireworks. The horizon would glow pale red, green from one end of the sky to the other, and cottony booms reached us through the shroud. And the neighborhood kids, flaunting the burn bans, launched pyrotechnics of their own. We found this way that the fog became entirely opaque at a distance of about four blocks. 2006:01:01 01:04:29


Congrats!!! (from this longtime lurker...)

Big Congratulations!


should we give it another go with the drinking and the eating?


Congratulations! Onward and forward. (After you wake up, of course.)

Congratulations! Now you can study what you want!

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