Back in Circulation


I am, for the record, back in circulation. With oral exams done with, I took off this weekend for a 30-hour science fiction movie marathon at Case Western. 30 hours of movies, plus about another 30 of driving to Cleveland and back ... it's good to know I can still do 60 hours of excitement on four or five hours of car-napping. DrSpiff, who's responsible for dragging me into this thing, has got a by-the-numbers summary of the adventure.

Having declared a new year for myself, I'm also turning a bit of new attention to this here blog. I don't plan on doing enough travelling in 2006 for it to really qualify as a "travel blog" anymore, although it will continue to draw heavily on the mechanics and implications of place.

So the question of the week is: What would you like to see discussed more on EGAD?


More sex & violence please! :)

I've always enjoyed your nighttime photos.

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