Eesh. Every time I decide to go back to posting daily 'round here, I go and have a week like this and don't post at all. They're invariably the more interesting weeks, too.

Say, can you guess which side of the street faces north? A few days of 40°+ weather will have that effect. 2006:01:26 11:19:16

Rather than attempt to dig into the news of late, I'll direct you to consult the journalism supplier of your choice. Except that I will note that, contrary to what I posted last time, Hamas wound up not with a slight, but with an overwhelming victory in the Palestinian elections. Just so someday I don't go browsing through my archives and think, "Gee, I sure wasn't paying much attention, was I?"

The weather, on the other hand, has been odd. For days on end, the water lying around on the ground underwent this strange phase transition and became something physicists call a liquid. I'm told that for much of the nation, this was the warmest January on record. Before you ask, no, there's no evidence that it's related to global warming, at least not in any simple way. The jet stream has simply been hanging out far to the north, preventing arctic air from moving south out of Canada. I will hypothesize that this pattern is made more likely by recent changes to the global climate, however.

Thankfully we got some wintery weather again, although it was actually above freezing when I took this picture. Much of this had already turned into slush or ice by morning. Made good packing snow in the meanwhile, due to its extreme wetness. 2006:01:31 23:16:21

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