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Continuing with the Minneapolis skyline theme, a face atop the State Theater keeps watch in front of the US Bank building. This is more coincidental than it looks; there is a roughly ten square foot patch of sidewalk on Hennepin from which one can take this picture without obstructions. 2006:02:11 16:24:10

Corrente has been running a decent series on Bush's domestic surveilance. I linked to a CNet puff piece the other day describing in minimal detail what the NSA has to do to implement such a program. Little did I know that Corrente had already posted a fairly comprehensive analysis (and if you find that useful, they have an entire domestic surveilance category to click on).

One wonders whether this excellent WaPo article on national security letters -- each basically a low-oversight warrant and gag order rolled into one -- might have attracted more notice if run now, instead of a few months back.

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