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Sorry to go quiet right after promising a week of interesting content, but sometimes the lab will do that to you. I did manage to solve a long-standing mystery yesterday, which had been causing actual problems for a couple of weeks now, so I think it was justified.

At one point, there were also geese.

Geese making themselves comfortable on one of the few patches of open water remaining on the Mississippi, where the agitation of the St. Anthony falls prevents freezing over. Normally a fair flood, the ice capping this portion of the river has reduced this segment of the falls to a spillway. 2006:02:19 14:17:44

Since we finally broke the -10°F mark over the weekend, I decided make another photo-expedition to see if the river had frozen over yet. With the exception of the immediate vicinity of the falls, it turns out that it has. Although with the warmer weather this week, that probably won't last. It nearly broke above freezing today!

Looking over the highest of the St. Anthony falls towards the Stone Arch Bridge, the river completely ices over just past the exit of the locks. 2006:02:19 14:17:03

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Dude. I didn't know Minneapolis had aqueducts.

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