Personal Mission Accomplished

You know how one of the symptoms of being busy is slacking off on opening your mail? Now normally, I open everything, recycle the junk, toss the window envelopes, and file the important stuff. Then you get busy, you leave the junk in a corner and just pull out the bills and correspondance. And that's how it starts. So back before I left for Israel I started getting busy. Then I left the country. Then I came back to a year's worth of piled-up mail and never had the time to tackle it. But I kept meaning to, so new mail just went on the pile. Until now.

Last night I sorted out every piece of mail I've received since returning from Israel, and made a good start on the while-I-was-gone pile. And have a couple of dozen paper cuts for my trouble. And an entire extra shelf in my room that is free and usable again. Sweet.

Today we're entertaining a prospective post-doc, so that'll at least be different.

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