Photoblogging: Blizzard Narnian

The Knoll, a nice tree-ish bit of park near the 15th Ave entrance to campus. 2006:03:13 14:53:24

Having previously declared winter dead, Old Man Winter opted to spend the past week upbraiding me with all the subtlety of a blizzard. Yea, with exactly that much subtlety. On NPR, they were cracking jokes about how Minnesota looks like ANWR now, suggesting maybe we should try drilling for oil. Punxsutawney Phil, I am not.

Not that I wanted to go to campus at all, since I had a cold and was all for calling it a sick/snow day. But work called, literally, and if I'm going to sit on the phone with my advisor, I might as well do it from my desk where I can easily refer to things.

But at least I got some quite decent pictures out of the deal. Wandering into campus, I was reminded of nothing so much as a scene right out of Narnia, pre-Christmas. If only we had more rustic lampposts, the image would be complete.

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