Photoblogging: Snow-a-saur

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About once a year, I embark upon a moderately overambitious act of snow sculpture. This year conditions were nearly ideal, having a good depth of reasonably sculptable snow land during spring break. Could have been better, to be sure -- it was a tad warm, and the snow a mite too old by the time it got adequately sticky, so fine detail was a non-starter. So my attempt at a dragon came out looking like a dinosaur-tailed Sphinx with a sheep's head. I rather like the carved-from-granite blockiness of it, though.

My snow dragon-sheep-Sphinx thing guards the Knoll. The snow was so dense when I built it, the thing'll probably stand for weeks. 2006:03:19 14:37:59

1 Comment

I saw the head of a seagull.

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