Photoblogging: In Flagrante Wintry


Speaking of snow sculpture, I passed this example in progress a day or so before my own project. Clearly art types posessing more actual skill than myself at these things, they seemed genuinely peeved that the snow wasn't amenable to adding more detail.

This is way more awesome than the gigantic snow phallus the dorms erect each year after the first big blanketing turns malleable.

Art student snow sculpture. Probably never had much of an audience though, since it went up in the middle of spring break, and fell over before the students got back. 2006:03:16 19:29:10


Woah Milligan! Where is your warning that today's blog is "R" rated! :)
Saw this one on the way to work and it took some processing before I figured out what it was.

I never claimed EGAD wouldn't be occasionally shocking. I have written about Intelligent Design before, too, and that's much more offensive than naked people made of snow.

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