Yesterday I jokingly asked my lab if anyone cared to hop an overnight flight to Turkey. No takers, I'm afraid, but there's a goodly number of tourists and astronomers alike camped on that country's southern coast just now. It's solar eclipse season again, and this year we get a good one. If you're in west or north Africa, Turkey, the Caucasus, or Mongolia, that is. For some reason the tourists are flocking to the Mediterranean instead of to Chechnyia, I notice.

As an aside, I also noticed a larger than normal number of visitors to my site yesterday. Glancing through the logs, it seems to be driven by people Googling for various permutations of "solar eclipse" and the Mideast. After I would assume scrolling through a great many pages of results, some of them appear to have landed here, where I last talked about eclipses.


That was moi BTW

I was just noticing that this eclipse didn't seem to touch a single politically stable country which I'd feel safe in paying 100% attention, let alone staring intently upward.
(Dammit it posted then it didn't this interface stinks!)

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