My mystery snow chimera is no more. The last of our snowpack melted away this week, and I think that this time, it's yielded for good to the oncoming forces of April. We've even had some good thunderstorms. The evenings have been glorious, almost early summer, which I can get behind since I've never been big on spring anyway.

There's still a few big piles of ice left over where the ploughs built up massive drifts, but that's about it. My creature was nearly the last unploughed ice to remain, though. It underwent a most curious process of de-evolution, too. Here, I caught it at a stage resembling either some primitive lungfish, or perhaps a scorpion, depending on your perspective. Although at the last, it was doing a good impression of the fuzzy protrusions and wakes often claimed to be photographs of the Loch Ness monster, just the crest of some large dream barely breaking the surface of the lawn.

My snow creature, now composed of melting ice, impersonating some different and more primative creature Monday last. 2006:03:27 11:43:41

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