Onion Linkage and Like Dithering


I'd say this article in the current Onion treats both the WWE and the Republicans' latest xenophobic immigration reform push with about the respect that they deserve.

The implied dig at Lucha Libre, on the other hand, rubs me the wrong way.

Recall that Where's George thing I mentioned a while back. I got three more Georgified bills the other day, although these were less prominently stamped than the first one; here's what the current stamp lookes like. That's four bills in about six weeks, which struck me as odd. Estimating the $1 bills I go through in an average week, that's probably 3-5% of the bills I touched in that time period. I must have similar habits to whomever is injecting them into the currency stream hereabouts, because otherwise that would come to a staggering number of the things in circulation.

Finally, I leave you with a thought. I don't know the originator, because it seems to have cropped up in similar form in several places on the internet simultaneously. Each instance begins with the observation, spurred by various articles in the mainstream media, breathlessly reporting facts that have been common knowledge to most anyone actually paying attention for some years now.

Namely, that the Iraq war will cost in excess of a trillion dollars, maybe more. The observation is that, given the CIA's figures for the demographics and economy of (either pre- or post-war) Iraq, the United States could have simply hired every working-age Iraqi for multiple decades. This, presumably, would have been less messy than fighting a large chunk of them for years on end. So think ... if only someone had thought to suggest that Cheney just give Halliburton a trillion bucks to hire the population of Iraq, we could have avoided this whole occupation.


Remind me not to complain then when they give Kellog-Brown-&-Root that no-bid contract too.

You still get to complain. But only because KBR didn't get that contract three years ago. That would have been much more efficient

Though I suppose you could argue to macroeconomic capital flows that the expenditures do more good for the American economy if spent on US-made bombs and paid to US-citizen troops (who turn around and buy KBR-supplied food, body armor, etc). Pay the Iraqis directly and they might go do something foolish, like getting their airplanes from the French instead.

Then again, considering how much of domestic American spending goes to Chinese-made discardables, it might all be a wash. At least bombs don't wind up in landfills.

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